Ukrainian plot on leader’s life foiled — Moldova separatists say

Transnistria, Moldova

In Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, pro-Moscow separatists said they have thwarted an assassination attempt on their leader’s life that they accuse Ukrainian security services of organizing.

The charges, which are squeezed along Ukraine’s southwest border with Moldova, were dismissed by Kyiv on Thursday as a Moscow “provocation.” This is only the latest in a string of claims and denials over the territory.

The government of Moldova said it was looking into an allegedly “terrorist” incident in Transnistria.

“We don’t have a confirmation of these things,” Prime Minister Dorin Recean told reporters. “The government is ready to deal with provocations.”

The purported attempt on Vadim Krasnoselsky’s life was reported by Russian state news outlets. It was unclear at first if the Transnistrian officials had offered proof to back up their assertion.

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“On the instructions of the Security Service of Ukraine, a crime was being prepared against a number of officials,” the Russian state-run TASS news agency quoted the separatists as saying. “The suspects have been detained.”

The Ukrainian Security Service responded by releasing a statement that read: “Lies and provocations are the weapons [Russia] actively uses. But today the entire world sees the true face of the aggressor country and does not believe the statements of Russia or its satellites.”