Ukrainian drone attack damages Russian tanker

Latest Ukrainian drone attack on Russian tanker

A Russian tanker was damaged in a Ukrainian drone attack in the Black Sea, according to Russian media, in the latest example of Kyiv’s expanding emphasis on naval warfare.

Russia’s marine agency reported on Saturday that the engine room of the chemical tanker SIG from Russia has a hole in it close to the waterline.

Following the attack, the tanker was unable to function on its own and tugboats were sent to help, according to the Russian Tass news agency. The ship is under US sanctions for aiding Russian forces in Syria.

“They will deal with it now on whether to take it under tow or not,” Tass quoted Russia’s rescue agency as saying.

“It is standing at anchor for the moment. The machine room suffered some damage, not too badly.”

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There were no reported casualties.

According to Russia’s traffic information centre, traffic on the bridge that connects the Crimean Peninsula under Russian control with the Russian mainland stopped for many hours before starting up again early on Saturday.

The strategically significant bridge was the target of separate strikes in July and October of last year, according to Russia-installed officials, who said explosions heard in the region had nothing to do with either attack.

After Ukrainian officials said on Friday that their drones had seriously damaged the Russian warship Olenegorsky Gornyak, the most recent drone strike occurred.

The attempted attack on the Novorossiysk naval station, the first against a Russian commercial port since the war started in February of last year, was thwarted, according to Moscow.

The majority of Kyiv’s fleet was destroyed when Moscow took the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, according to analysts, and Kyiv now wants to show that it can strike Russian naval troops far from home after being outmatched on the marine front for the majority of the conflict.

Despite being significantly outgunned by Russian naval forces, Ukraine’s navy has achieved a series of notable triumphs by employing unorthodox weaponry and strategies, notably the destruction of Russia’s flagship guided missile cruiser Moskva in April 2022.

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