Trump’s Truth Social App Will Be Available On February 21st

Truth Social to launch on February 21st

According to an App Store listing, Truth Social will be available on February 21st.

Truth Social app is being developed by Trump’s own media organization, the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which is run by former US Representative Devin Nunes.

It resembles a Twitter clone in appearance, with icons for responses, retweets, favorites, and sharing.

It’s almost certain that the social network’s Twitter-like design isn’t by chance. For years, Trump’s preferred medium was Twitter, until he was permanently banned in January 2021, shortly after the US Capitol insurgency on January 6th.

In October, Trump filed a lawsuit against Twitter in an effort to reclaim his account.

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It is unknown whether Truth Social will be available on the web or on Android. Right now, there’s only a button to preorder the free app on the App Store and a form to fill out to join a waiting list on Truth Social’s website.

It’s also unknown if the social network will be invite-only when it launches.

Mastodon claimed it wrote a formal letter to Truth Social’s chief legal officer requesting that the source code be made public, since then, the website of Truth Social has been updated to include an Open Source section.

In clarity, Truth Social is based on Mastodon’s source code. Mastodon released a statement in October claiming that Truth Social had violated Mastodon’s software agreement by claiming to be proprietary and refusing to provide its source code. This explains Truth Social’s decision to rectify the error.

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