Friday, February 23, 2024

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Different Sweets

University of Melbourne Hansen Scholarship

This is an incredibly beautiful record: the Lakes swims in woozy Americana, Repeating's celestially climatic caws are similar to fellow vessel of emotion Patrick Watson, and Cavalier's cries of 'I remember my first love' produce a sensationally stirring moment.

Potatoes With Meat

Fjällräven Field Grant program

William Doyle offers up shimmering passages of systems-indebted music, like opener Glitter Recession these give way to stylishly observed club-facing workouts.

Perfect Sushi Selection

Radboud university scholarship

The long, spaced-out fades of Under the Pressure and Disappearing provide dreamy interludes worthy of Tangerine Dream. The decaying guitars and analogue synthesisers create a crepuscular melancholy.

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