Sweden probes Nord stream pipelines leak

Leaks from Nord stream pipelines

Sweden probes Nord stream pipelines leak after a mysterious blast.

In order to investigate an event that has raised fresh concerns about Europe’s energy crisis, Sweden dispatched a diving vessel to the location of Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea that burst last week after blasts in the area.

Three Nord Stream pipelines allegedly burst in an act of suspected sabotage between Swedish and Danish waters. Moscow promptly attempted to blame the West, claiming the United States stood to gain. Europe is now looking into the incident.

“The coast guard is responsible for the mission, but we are supporting them with units,” a spokesperson for the Swedish navy, Jimmie Adamsson, told Reuters. “The only one we are naming is HMS Belos, which is a submarine rescue and diving vessel.”

Although the Swedish coast guard reported that Nord Stream 1 was no longer leaking, an overflight revealed that gas was still leaking from Nord Stream 2 and bubbling to the surface within a 30-meter circle.

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On Monday, the Kremlin repeated its claims that the West was to blame for the ruptures, saying that as a result, the United States was able to boost sales and prices of its liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Washington vehemently denies being involved. Despite suspicions of sabotage, European nations have remained silent about potential perpetrators.

The final undamaged pipeline in the Nord Stream 2 network, which is controlled by the Kremlin, might have its flows resumed, according to Gazprom, a statement that is likely to be disregarded given that Europe blocked Nord Stream 2 just before Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

“If a decision is made to start deliveries through Nord Stream 2’s line B, natural gas will be pumped into the pipeline after the integrity of the system has been checked and verified by supervisory authorities,” Gazprom said.

The suggestion comes after Russia’s deputy prime minister said on Sunday that the Nord Stream network could be repaired given enough time and funds.


Strengthening of security

As a result of the Nord Stream ruptures, European countries have begun to improve security and monitoring around key infrastructure that may be attacked.

Norway, a major oil and gas exporter and Europe’s primary gas supply, said that soldiers had been sent to secure major onshore oil and gas processing facilities.

According to a source who spoke to Reuters, Italy has increased monitoring and controls over underwater energy and communications cables.

The focus has also shifted to the security of other gas supply lines.