Skillcombo Scholarship for talented students

Skillcombo scholarship for talented students

Skillcombo mission is to help our users learn and build their careers. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get a quality higher education. By participating in our competition, talented students can get a scholarship of Rs 75,000 to study at any university in India.

  • Category: Course, Bachelor, Master
  • Amount/value: Rs 75000
  • Application deadline: until 5 April 2023


1-5 year students of any university in India.

10-12 grade students who are going to college or university in India


Rs 75,000 to study at any university in India.

We will publish the best articles on our blog if they are useful for our users.

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Write an article on a topic related to online education in India.

Send your work to or use our submission form. Please write “Scholarship application” in the subject line. You can send a link to Google Docs or attach a document in .docx or .pdf format. More information you can find here –

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