Several African leaders and Putin publish joint statement: Ukraine peace talk

Russian president and African leaders

The Kremlin has published a joint statement with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of several African countries participating in a peace mission to end the war, the Tass news agency reported.

In the statement, the leaders pointed out the progress made on proposals in their first meeting on June 17 on humanitarian issues, including children in war zones and prisoner exchanges.

The statement added that: “The leaders called for concrete steps to remove barriers to Russian grain and fertiliser exports, allowing full implementation” of the grain deal to resume.

They also called on the UN “to take the necessary measures to release 200 thousand tons of Russian fertilisers blocked in the seaports of the European Union for immediate and free delivery to African countries”.

Putin met with members of the African peace mission at the end of July on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit.

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