Russia deserves ‘security guarantee’ in a possibility of peace negotiations — Macron

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has provided an overview of the medium-term security outlook for the crisis in Ukraine by suggesting that Russia receive some sort of “security guarantee” if it chose to engage in peace negotiations, after pledging to keep supplying help to the Kyiv government.

“In the coming weeks, we will have to help Ukraine to resist, the Ukrainians to hold on, to continue to help militarily and to intervene very precisely to protect the power plants,” Macron explained in an interview broadcast Saturday on TF1.

However, the president has also recommended to continue to prepare “dialogue” for “the day when everyone will return to the (negotiating) table.”

“There is one thing that depends on the Ukrainians, it is the question of borders. It is something we should prepare for,” stated the president, fresh from a visit to the United States, where he has met with President Joe Biden, during which the two discussed “the security architecture in which we want to live tomorrow.”

Furthermore, Macron pointed out Russia’s concerns on NATO’s presence on its borders, particularly in light of the fact that countries like Sweden and Finland have expressed a desire to join NATO after the commencement of the conflict.

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“It is a question that is part of the factors for peace and, therefore, for which we have to be prepared: what are we ready to do, how do we protect our allies and member states, while giving guarantees for their own security to Russia the day it comes back to the table?” he has questioned.