RS Emotion Motorhome: A Vehicle that Redefines Luxury

RS Emotion motorhome

RS Emotion Motorhome

RS Emotion motorhome has an exceptional specification and a luxurious finish. The RS Emotion is not only massive in size, but it also has a lot of charm.

RS Emotion motorhome is the most powerful model in the line, based on an 18-tonne Mercedes-Benz Antos chassis that responds to your particular requirements across all applications, providing adequate power to run this colossal motorhome.

All of this is attributable to a comfy cab, quick and dynamic powertrain combinations with fuel-efficient, low-emission EuroVI engines, and very safe and robust driving qualities.

The all-new Emotion chassis components are engineered to ensure a much improved feel in almost every driving scenario, regardless of your driving style or terrain.


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RS Emotion Motorhome Engine

The engine produces up to 510 horsepower, and there are a variety of precision-matched transmission and axle combinations, so you’ll never get stuck since the Antos’ internal strength is delivered exactly and effectively onto the road.

Additionally, there are six different gearboxes to select from for all heavy-duty applications, ensuring that the engine’s power is delivered to the road with minimal losses.

RS Emotion Adapts to All Driving Conditions

When combined with the Emotion’s large variety of precisely synchronized drive axles and vast range of ratio options, the RS Emotion is capable of providing a dynamic drive configuration with spontaneous reaction for every route.

This machine never fails to deliver, irrespective of you being on a scenic road in the south of France or a drenched field in Cornwall.

Sensitivity and Precision are Addressed While Driving

Revolutionary steering gears increase steering kinematics, allowing you to drive with more sensitivity and precision.

The air suspension of the Emotion provides unmatched comfort on the road.

The Mercedes Antos chassis is now significantly more robust and broader, making the RS Emotion even easier to drive and providing superior roadholding and driving satisfaction.

Interior Design

As soon as you step inside the Emotion’s cab, you’ll notice a luxuriously comfy and amazingly large driving environment, one that you wouldn’t want to exit.

With its delightful sense of spacious living area, the Emotion’s new interior design is sufficient to provide a calming impact.

The asymmetric cockpit is centered on the driver, with an ergonomic arrangement that allows you to stay calm and attentive behind the wheel, enhancing your RS Emotion journey.

The RS Emotion motorhome offers four revolutionary slide-outs for optimum living space and sleeps for 10 people.

Colossal Size

The vehicle’s greatest advantage is its sheer size. The RS Emotion stands out from the crowd with 39.6ft (12.1 meters) in length and a whopping 13.1ft (4 meters) in height.

Extraordinary Storage

The Emotion also has a large workshop with adequate area for over four motorbikes if needed, as well as 12 exterior body lockers with an outdoor tv and fridge.

Its cutting-edge storage and technology solutions were created to provide a pleasurable driving experience as well as a roomy, fully furnished luxury living area.

The RS Media Pack (Optional)

This package provides all of the technology you love at home, anywhere in the globe, creating a true sense of exclusivity and keeping all of your friends and relatives entertained.

You may enjoy the powerful sound of all RS media solutions to make every adventure even more unforgettable.

The RS Motorhomes media kit includes Sky television and a SMART TV as standard equipment.

Get Comfy In Style

Even extra living and sleeping space is provided by the four completely retractable slide outs.

The vehicle’s bathroom space, which includes a fully equipped shower room, is located in the center.

The RS Emotion gives the finest spot to wind down and unwind in luxury, with six TVs both inside and out, over four gaming consoles, and an unlimited supply of home comforts.

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