Public universities’ worker unions to strike on Monday

On Strike

The public universities in Ghana will be on strike starting on Monday October 17 in protest of poor working conditions. A previous strike threat was dropped after meeting with the National Labour Commission.

The unions, however, claim that the government has not upheld its end of the deal following the meeting. The unions said in a statement that they anticipated the government to submit payment terms and other pertinent matters.

“However, the Employer failed to present the “terms of payment” for the Vehicle Maintenance and Off-Campus Allowances, which are the main issues in contention, as directed by the NLC,” the unions noted.

They said that the government had instead suggested the creation of a committee made up of just 10 people to focus on the Off-Campus Allowance.

“The leaders of the four (4) Labour Unions rejected the “suggestion” and rather pushed for an enforcement of the 2022 adjusted fuel ex-pump rate of GH¢10.99, thus, the meeting ended in a stalemate.”

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The Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA), Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana (SSA-UoG), Tertiary Education Workers Union (TEWU), and University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) are the unions scheduled to strike.