Pro-Kremlin hackers down EU parliament website for hours

pro-kremlin hackers

According to the institute’s head, the European Parliament’s website was subjected to a denial-of-service attack by “Pro-Kremlin” hackers for many hours on Wednesday after its parliamentarians designated Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

A little after 1700 GMT, or almost two hours after the institution reported the disruption, the parliament’s website was operational once more.

“The European Parliament is under a sophisticated cyberattack. A pro-Kremlin group has claimed responsibility,” European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said in a tweet shortly after the website went down.

“This, after we proclaimed Russia as a State-sponsor of terrorism. My response: SlavaUkraini (glory to Ukraine)”, she said.

The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which so-called “hacktivists” employed to trigger the outage, targets specific servers with large amounts of internet traffic in an effort to take them offline.

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Typically, these attacks don’t inflict much harm.

Questions about any damage received no quick response from a parliament official.

Earlier on Wednesday, legislators passed a resolution designating Moscow as a state sponsor of terrorism on the grounds that its military operations against civilian targets like hospitals, schools, and shelters were illegal under international law.

Since the European Union lacks a legal framework to back it up, the action is essentially symbolic. As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the bloc has already imposed hitherto unprecedented sanctions on the country.