Planned ‘Armed’ Demo Leaders Must Be Condemned — Ablakwa

Okudzeto Ablakwa condemns planned 'armed' demo leaders

MP for NORTH TONGU Constituency, Okudzeto Ablakwa, has strongly stated that the planned ‘armed’ demo leaders must be condemned.

Violence and the use of weapons by protestors, according to North Tongu Member of Parliament Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, are unacceptable in any democratic country, including Ghana. —

To that aim, he stated that the leaders of the planned June 4 armed protest must be chastised for considering this “disastrous path — they must stop it or be stopped!”

“Violence and the use of Guns by demonstrators cannot be acceptable in any democratic society. Leaders of the June 4 demonstration must be condemned for contemplating this disastrous path — they must stop it or be stopped!” Mr. Ablakwa sent out a tweet.

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The three-day demonstration would have allowed the leaders to address the country.

“On Sunday, May 29 2022, the Accra Police Regional Command received a notice of intent to go on a demonstration by a group of persons: Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, Captain Godsbrain, Benjamin Darko, and Oliver Barker-Vormawor.

The police said in a statement that “The service is of the view that the nature and character of the demonstration as intended, is inconsistent with with the Public Order Act.”

Captain Smart, however, has clarified that, despite being a convener for #FixTheCountry, he never signed the infamous letter to which the police replied.

On social media, a letter written to the Ghana Police Service’s Accra Regional Command, thought to be from the conveners, has sparked conflicting reactions.

Excerpts from the letter mentioned a protest planned for Saturday, June 4 to express their dissatisfaction with the country’s rulers.

Captain Smart claimed he had no knowledge of the letter and that his attorneys are currently addressing the problem.

He emphasized unequivocally that he opposes violence and will never condone a rebellious demonstration.

“Why will I support the use of weapons to demonstrate when I want the country to be fixed? If they use violence and destroy the country, what will be left to be fixed?” Captain Smart questioned.