OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man: Short Review and Specs

OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man

Short Review

The OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Edition is the latest special edition smartphone partnership.

With multiple McLaren-branded phones under its belt and eye-catching partnerships with popular franchises like Star Wars and Cyberpunk 2077, OnePlus is no stranger to limited-edition products.

The back of the OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition phone has a unique color scheme. Normally, all you would see below the camera is Pac-Man and a seafoam green grid of glittering dots.

The OnePlus x Pac-Man wordmark is located to the left of the camera, and the OnePlus logo is located to the bottom right.

Although you might not necessarily see it that frequently, the glow in the dark rear looks very awesome .

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To view the glow clearly, you must also be in an area with extreme darkness. Even so, it’s a really unique effect that can be pretty attractive in the right settings.

OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man



OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man

Starting price of $476.70 (price may change depending on the location and duration)