Oleksiy Reznikov remains as Ukrainian defense minister – Zelenskyy

Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine defense minister

Oleksiy Reznikov, the Ukrainian defense minister whose political future has generated a great deal of speculation, told Reuters that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy requested him to stay in his current position.

When asked in an interview if he planned to remain the defense minister going forward, he responded, “Yes, it was the president’s decision.”

The future of Reznikov has recently been in question due to a corruption scandal involving his ministry. Earlier this month, a top member of Zelenskyy’s party announced that the minister would be removed, but Reznikov kept his post.

In his interview with Reuters, Reznikov also talked about his potential future position as the head of a legal campaign to ensure that, after the war, Russian war criminals will be held accountable.