Noisemaking Will Be Prohibited In Accra Starting Monday


This year’s drumming and noisemaking prohibition will run from Monday, May 9, 2022, through Thursday, June 9, 2022, according to the Ga Traditional Council.

During the prohibition, any sort of noisemaking is prohibited, including the use of loudspeakers, drums, tambourines, hand clapping, and the use of musical instruments of any kind.

“The Ga State will fast and pray for rainfall, a bountiful harvest, and good tidings,” according to a statement issued by Nii Lartey Anum Tetteh, the Ga Traditional Council’s Public Relations Officer.

“The Ga State would also pray for the Country and its citizens to continue to keep the peace, the love, tranquillity and good spirit,” the statement continued.

The Council also urged everyone in Ga State to follow the month-long moratorium and desist from making disparaging statements about the Ga people’s rites, customs, practices, usages, and beliefs.

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The Prohibition Demands

  • All worship centers should keep their activities inside the confines of their church buildings.
  • During this time, clapping hands, playing the tambourine, and using other musical instruments should be avoided.
  • Loudspeakers are not allowed to be placed outside of churches or mosques.
  • Use of megaphones and other loudspeakers on the side of the road should also be avoided.
  • Burial ceremonies and actions associated with them are likewise prohibited.

A task group has been formed to liaise with the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies to ensure that the prohibition is followed.