Mujeres por África: 1st Science by Women CONTEST

1st Science by Women CONTEST

Mujeres por África: The main goal of the contest is to give continuity to the projects that the women participants of the programme carry out during their research stays. “Science by Women” therefore goes a step further and prioritizes the impact of these projects in the countries of origin of the women.

Scientific dissemination, technology transfer and innovation are key elements for the sustainable development of societies and at the Foundation, they are committed to the implementation of projects that result in the welfare of local communities and give visibility to the transformative power of science done by women.

  • Category: Contest
  • Amount/value: €4,000 – €7,000
  • Application deadline: 12 October 2022


  • Open to women scientists who have completed or are currently completing their research stays in any of the seven editions of Science by Women.
  • The projects and initiatives (which may also be science and technology-based ventures) submitted must be developed in the African country of origin of the candidates.
  • Women scientists who, at the date of publication of this competition, have not yet started their research stay are not eligible to apply.
  • Only one project proposal may be submitted, so they will have to choose which category best meets their objectives.


The competition has two categories:

  • Scientific Dissemination – €4,000.
  • Technology Transfer – €7,000


  • The project proposal document must include Introduction, relevance, objectives, methodology, timeline and impact and monitoring as well as detailed budget. In addition, an updated CV must be attached.
  • Women scientists whose projects are selected by the jury undertake to provide a proof of expenses within two months of receiving the first payment and at the end of the project.

Projects should be submitted by email to (

The deadline for submitting projects is from 9:00 a.m. on 20 September 2022 until 00:00 a.m. on 12 October 2022.

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The award decision will be published on 27 October 2022 through our website and our Social Networks.

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