More Than A Dozen Killed In Strikes In Mali And Burkina Faso

Mali and Burkina Faso Flag

In strikes in Mali and Burkina Faso, two neighboring West African nations fighting armed groups, fifteen military and six civilians were killed.

The military stated in a statement that vehicles loaded with explosives were drove into three military outposts in central Mali before morning on Sunday.

At the Sevare camp, six troops were killed, 15 were wounded, and five more were wounded in two different sites.

The military claimed in a statement that simultaneous attacks on military detachments in Gaskinde and Pobe-Mengao in northern Burkina Faso killed nine troops and six civilians, including two members of an armed self-defense organization.

In the three assaults in Mali claimed by Katiba Macina, a group affiliated to fiery preacher Amadou Koufa, over 30 troops were also injured.

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Katiba Macina is a member of the Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims, an Al-Qaeda-linked coalition operating in the Sahel.

“On Sunday morning, the mujahideen of the Katiba Macina struck three camps of the (Malian armed forces),” a member of the organization said in an audio clip supplied to AFP.

“We hit these camps at the same time within five minutes of each other. [Apart from the] deaths, we caused material damage to them,” the audio tape stated.

According to military authorities, 11 assailants were killed during the raid on the Sevare military base, where two AK-47 assault weapons, mobile phones, and other military equipment were confiscated from the victims.


“The situation is under control. The FAMa (Malian armed forces) are combing through the target sectors and security measures are being reinforced ,” according to a statement from the military.

According to a mission member, a request has been filed to the UN Mission in Mali for the deployment of a quick intervention force to the Sevare camp.