Michigan State University: International Tuition Grant

Michigan State University (MSU) Scholarship

Michigan State University (MSU): Awarded to academically competitive incoming freshmen with non-U.S. residency status applying from schools outside the United States.

Category: Bachelor

Amount/value: up to $25,000

Application deadline: 1 December, 2022


International Tuition Grant consideration is holistic and will consider academic performance, student involvement, the application essay, English proficiency and geographic diversity. Awarding is competitive and the highest level of International Tuition Grant is typically limited to students in the top 5% of MSU’s applicant pool.

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This scholarship may be awarded as $25,000, $21,000 or $18,000 per year for eight semesters.


Priority consideration will be given to students who apply to MSU by December 1. Students applying after December 1 may also qualify as funds are available. This scholarship is not available to U.S. citizens, permanent residents or transfer students and does not typically stack with other Office of Admissions scholarship funding.