Macron says he had a ‘clear and honest’ talk with Elon Musk

Just one day after expressing his worries about Twitter’s content moderation practices, Emmanuel Macron said he had a “clear and honest” conversation with Elon Musk regarding the social media platform.

“Transparent user policies, significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of speech: efforts have to be made by Twitter to comply with European regulations,” Macron said in a tweet after his meeting with Musk on Friday afternoon.

In an interview with the television show Good Morning America on Thursday, Macron, who is now on a visit to the United States, said he believed free speech had “responsibilities and limits.”

Following Musk’s announcement that accounts suspended under the previous management of the company would be reinstated if they had not breached the law or sent “egregious spam,” free speech supporter Musk has seen an increase in hate speech on the social media platform, according to researchers.

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On Oct. 27, billionaire Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion. Since then, he has acted swiftly to implement a number of staffing and product modifications.