Macron Refuses To Call Russia A Genocide Perpetrator

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has avoided labeling Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide.

When asked about Biden’s use of the word on France-2 television, Macron responded, “I am prudent with terms today … Genocide has a meaning. The Ukrainian people and Russian people are brotherly people. It’s madness what’s happening today. It’s unbelievable brutality and a return to war in Europe.”

“But at the same time, I look at the facts, and I want to continue to try the utmost to be able to stop the war and restore peace.” He said, “I’m not sure if the escalation of words serves our cause.”

President Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, accused Moscow of “unleashed an excessively brutal war in a unilateral way” and stated that it has been “established that war crimes have been committed by the Russian army.”


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