KNUST Senior Staffs Still on Strike despite COLA Assurances

KNUST campus

Members of the Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana at KNUST claim that their strike is still in full swing despite the government’s 15% Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) offer to labour unions to end their strike.

The group claims that despite raising a number of issues over the years, the government has not responded to any of them.

According to them, their national leadership has requested them to put down their tool until their specific problems are addressed.

Kwadwo Bediako-Baryeh, the Secretary of the KNUST chapter of the Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana, for instance, highlighted that the accumulation of tier 2 interests over time and the demand for allowance normalization were two important concerns.

Some of the allowances are paid to principles, some of the allowances are being paid to chiefs, but we want it to be normalised so that those who have just entered will be able to get some of these allowances,” he said.

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Though some of their members are at post, Mr. Bediako-Baryeh emphasized that they will make sure that they all fight together to ensure that their demands are honored.

“By tomorrow, almost all of them will not be at post,” he said.