Kanye back on Twitter after suspension as Musk takes over

Kanye West

Kanye back on Twitter after being suspended for making anti-Semitic remark.

A day after billionaire Elon Musk took control of the social media company following his $44 billion transaction, rapper Kanye West’s Twitter profile, which had been taken down for tweeting anti-Semitic slurs, appeared to be back up on the platform.

Last month, Twitter and Instagram from Meta Platforms suspended the rapper, now going by the name Ye, and they also took down some of his online content that fans had deemed anti-Semitic.

Ye, who has more than 30 million Twitter followers, has courted controversy in recent months by publicly ending significant corporate partnerships and making outbursts against other celebrities on social media.

Musk wrote “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” on October 8 after Ye posted on the site for the first time in two years following the restriction of his Instagram account.

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On Thursday, Musk took control of the influential social media platform with great ease, sacking top executives while offering no explanation of how he plans to accomplish his stated goals for it.

Goals have been set forward by Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla Inc. and a self-described ardent supporter of free speech, to stop the platform from turning into an arena for division and hate.

Additionally, he stated that he will lift the suspension placed on former US President Donald Trump’s account by Twitter following the attack on the US Capitol.

On Friday, Trump expressed his satisfaction that Twitter was in “sane hands.”

Ye made a preliminary agreement to purchase Parler, the social media platform favored by American conservatives, earlier in October.

‘They did not consult with or inform me’ – Musk

Elon Musk said on Friday that he did not have a hand in reinstating rapper Kanye West’s account, which was suspended by the micro-blogging site earlier this month for posting anti-Semitic remarks.

The billionaire said Twitter had restored the account of the rapper, now known as Ye, before the completion of the social media platform’s $44 billion takeover late on Thursday. “They did not consult with or inform me,” Musk said in a tweet.