In Burkina Faso, French airstrike kills 40 militants

French Air raid kills 40 militants

The army’s general command said on Saturday that the French-led Barkhane force in the Sahel area “activated its air intelligence capacities to find the armed group” responsible for the assaults before carrying out air operations that killed 40 combatants.

According to the army, French authorities killed dozens of jihadists in Burkina Faso who were related to fatal strikes last week in neighboring Benin that killed a Frenchman.

The 50 year old Frenchman was one of nine people killed this week in two attacks on park guards ranger in Benin’s remote north, which borders shaky Niger and Burkina Faso.

In response to the attack, on Thursday, France said that it has launched an inquiry after a 50-year-old civilian was killed in a “terrorist incident” at the park.

The reserve’s operator, African Parks, mentioned that the 50 year old Frenchman served as the reserve’s principal law enforcement teacher.

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According to a Beninese government toll, two roadside bombs killed five park guards, one park administrator, one soldier, and a French trainer on Tuesday. Another park administrator was killed in an explosion two days later.

Some Insecurities In Benin

Two Beninese soldiers were murdered in January when their vehicle collided with an improvised explosive device in the Atakora district of northern Benin.

Criminal trafficking groups often operate along its border, and while it had long been one of the more peaceful nations in West Africa, as al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS) fighters threaten Sahel countries, Benin has now become the target of multiple attacks.

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