Guinea’s Coup Leader: A Return To Civilian Rule Will Take More Than 3 Years

Guinea Coup Leader, Mamady Doumbouya

Guinea’s ruling generals believe a return to civilian rule will likely take more than three years, a suggestion that will enrage West Africa’s political alliance, which has asked for a speedy restoration of constitutional order following last year’s coup.

On Saturday, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the commander of the military administration that took control in September, said on state television that following political meetings, he was considering a 39-month transition, the first time he has given a schedule.

Army officers headed by Doumbouya ousted elected President Alpha Conde in the impoverished former French colony in September 2021.

Conde, 84, sparked outrage when he pushed through a new constitution in 2020, allowing him to seek for a third term as president.

Last Monday was the deadline set by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for the presenting of an “acceptable” transition timetable or face economic and financial penalties.

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However, Guinea’s governing military, waived the deadline, requesting extra time from ECOWAS to continue negotiations.

ECOWAS has demanded an “acceptable” timescale for restoring civilian authority, Guinea’s ruling military failure to do so will only extend the sanctions imposed on Guinea after the coup.