Ghana Records 2 Deaths From The Contagious Marburg Virus

Marburg Virus transmitted from fruit bats

After two persons who subsequently died tested positive for the Marburg virus earlier this month, Ghana’s health service (GHS) said on Sunday that two cases of the Marburg virus, a highly contagious illness comparable to Ebola, had been officially verified.

The World Health Organization stated that tests performed in Ghana returned positive findings on July 10, but the cases had to be confirmed by a laboratory in Senegal.

The results have been confirmed by further testing at the Institute Pasteur in Dakar, Senegal, according to a statement from the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

GHS stated that it is taking precautions to lessen any danger of the virus spreading, including isolating all individuals who have been found, none of whom have so far shown any symptoms.

In West Africa, this is just the second Marburg outbreak. In Guinea, the virus was discovered for the first time ever last year, but no other instances have been found.

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“(Ghanaian) health authorities have responded swiftly, getting a head start preparing for a possible outbreak. This is good because without immediate and decisive action, Marburg can easily get out of hand  “the WHO’s regional director for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, stated.

Before passing away at the hospital, the two patients in southern Ghana’s Ashanti area both had symptoms like diarrhea, fever, nausea, and vomiting, according to the WHO.

Since 1967, there have been twelve significant Marburg outbreaks, primarily in southern and eastern Africa.

Depending on the virus type and case management, mortality rates in previous outbreaks ranged from 24 to 88 percent, according to the WHO.

According to the WHO, it is spread among humans by direct contact with the body fluids of infected persons, surfaces, and materials. It is transmitted to people through fruit bats.