Ghana Police Arrests Six Car Robbery Suspects

Hand Cuffed

Six robbery suspects were arrested during a two-day police targeted intelligence-led operation in the Greater Accra and Central areas.

They are suspected of being engaged in a number of crimes, including carjacking.

The offenders were apprehended at various locations throughout the two regions as a result of the special operation, which was led by the Anti-Robbery Squad headquartered at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service.

Jibrila Musa alias Danturi, Hussain Sampa, Daniel Acquah, Anthony Sackey, Michael Ojo, and Ade Banjor have been named as those detained.

Among the goods taken from the suspects was a car believed to be one of those hijacked during the alleged robbery activities.

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A locally produced gun, a foreign handgun, a store of ammo, two iPhones, and four wristwatches were among the goods found from them.

According to a police statement issued by Superintendent of Police Alexander Kwaku Obeng, Director of the Public Affairs Directorate, the suspects confirmed their involvement in robberies throughout the years and that they were assisting the police with investigations during interrogations.

According to the report, the police have made touch with some of the victims as part of a campaign to provide closure to their experiences in the robbery cases.

The Anti-Robbery Squad was praised for the successful mission.

Furthermore, the message advised all criminals and their associates to counsel themselves, emphasizing that “they can run but they can never hide,” and that the police would do whatever is necessary to catch criminals.