Ghana: 3 Arrested Over Murder Of Chinese National

Law Court

A 37-year-old driver, Jacob Kwesi Acquah, has been arrested and arraigned before court as the key suspect in the murder of Chinese national, Xiong Yin, in cold blood in Dansoman, Accra.

Mr. Acquah, the deceased’s former employee, is claimed to have gone to her residence to seek the phone number of her housekeeper.

As Xiong went to her room to get him the requested phone number, he allegedly followed her, pushed her into the bed, and strangled her with a pillow.

Mr. Acquah is also accused of slamming the deceased’s head against the floor and a metal sliding door many times.

Allegedly he also struck her numerous times with the metallic portion of a shower handle.

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Faustina Otimah, a 21-year-old servant, and Memunatu Allotey, a trader, were also brought before the Kaneshie District Court as accomplices, allegedly facilitating the murder by aiding Acquah. They are being detained for aiding and abetting criminality, specifically murder.

Ms Ama Adomako Kwakye, who presided over the hearing, reserved their plea and remanded them in police detention until June 15.

Inspector Apewa Achana, recounting the facts of the case, said the complainant is Lin Youji, a Chinese national.

Acquah lived in Chorkor-Santana, while Otimah, the deceased’s housekeeper, lived in Mpoase, and Memunatu was Acquah’s lover.

According to the prosecutor, Acquah was fired by the complainant around seven months ago for misbehavior, but Acquah had kept in touch with Otimah.

Acquah phoned Otimah on May 10, 2022, and urged her to inform him of the deceased’s and her coworkers’ actions, particularly when Xiong (dead) was left alone in the house, and that she should leave the ‘small’ gate open while leaving the house.

Mr. Acquah allegedly took advantage of the unlocked gate and entered Xiong’s compound, where he met her in the living room and pretended to be in need of Otimah’s contact.

According to the prosecutor, Xiong left Acquah in the corridor and walked to her bedroom to pick up her phone and give him the number he asked.

Mr. Acquah chased after Xiong, assaulted her, pulled her to her bed, covered her face with a pillow, and strangled her, according to the prosecutor.

After killing her, Acquah proceeded to the living room where a CCTV camera was installed, took it from the roof, and threw it in a toilet to erase any evidence that would convict him.

According to the prosecutor, after repeated calls to the dead remained unanswered, the complainant proceeded to the residence only to find the deceased place unsecured, ransacked and her remains in her bathroom.

Lin Youji (complainant) alerted neighbours and called the police to inform them of the crime scene.