Finduddannelse Sustainability Scholarship 2022

Finduddannelse Sustainability Scholarship 2022

Finduddannelse Sustainability Scholarship: There is a Danish website for lifelong learning called

We think that today’s students may positively influence the world of tomorrow through their research and future career, and we want to support them on their journey!

The scholarship will be given to a student who is now enrolled in or will soon begin graduate school.

It is available to anybody in the world who wants to enroll in a master’s degree that will enable them to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

We wish to support those that share our belief in making the world a more sustainable environment.

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Category: Master

Amount/value: up to €5000

Application Deadline: 22 September, 2022

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To apply for this scholarship:

• You must have been accepted or applied to a master’s program that can help you make the world more sustainable

• You must have started, been accepted or have applied for a program that starts at the latest in January 2023.

• The degree program may not be online You must meet the entry requirements for the university or graduate school, including:

• Hold a valid undergraduate degree

• Meet language requirements for the program

• You must hold or be eligible to apply for a relevant study visa (if applicable)


The Finduddannelse are offering a scholarship of up to €5000 to help cover your tuition fees and get you one step closer to your, hopefully, world-changing vocation.


The application consists of:

• Filling out the short form

• Name, age, nationality

• Country of origin, chosen university and study

• Former education and experience

• Submitting a short essay (500-700 words) on the questions:

• What motivated you to choose this particular study program?

• How is your program going to help you fight/alleviate the impact of the climate change?

• Overall, how do you think education and the fight against climate change are connected? You may be asked to provide:

• Proof of acceptance in the form of a copy of your acceptance letter

• Proof of undergraduate qualification in the form of a copy of your transcript

• Proof of identity in the form of a copy of your passport.

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