Effah-Darteh says Aisha Huang is being treated unfairly

Aisha Huang detained in Ghana

In response to the style and manner in which the accused, a Chinese woman named En Huang, also known as Aisha Huang, is being handled, the principal lawyer for En Huang has expressed sadness.

In the beginning, he said it was reported that Aisha Huang had been arrested while indulging in illegal small-scale mining (Galamsey), but this was untrue. She was arrested at home.

Again, 11-person team was created to question her while she was being moved from National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), formerly known as the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), to jail custody.

He mentioned he’s sad about this circumstance.

“The way we are treating Aisha Huang it makes me feel sad,” Mr. Effah-Darte said on October 15.

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The case involving Aisha Huang, according to Nkrabea Effah-Dartey, is exaggerated.

Therefore, he said that he finds it difficult to comprehend how the whole Minister of Lands and Natural Resources will show up in court proceedings involving Aisha Huang.

“There is so much talk about this matter [that] it must take the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, my learned friend Samuel Abu Jinapor, coming to the court room. To do what?” he wondered.

He also wondered: “Imagine the whole Attorney General dressed in his robe coming to court.”

The case was adjourned to Thursday, November 24.

Effah-Dartey was relieved that his client had been sent to a prison custody rather than police custody, as ordered by a Circuit Court.

He claimed that the High Court’s decision allows him to see her in prison. “This could not have happened at BNI cells,” he said.