Chinese peace plan for Ukraine war gets Russia’s ‘attention’

Soldier in Russia Ukraine war

The Kremlin has said a Chinese peace plan on Ukraine, which calls for all sides to consent to a gradual de-escalation, should be thoroughly examined while taking into consideration the interests of all parties.

China, which declared a “no limits” alliance with Russia shortly before Moscow sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine a year ago, called for a comprehensive ceasefire in Ukraine on Friday, touting its own peace plan.

“We are paying a great deal of attention to the plan of our Chinese friends,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday. “Of course, the details need to be painstakingly analysed taking into account the interests of all the different sides. This is a very long and intense process.”

Peskov declined to comment on a US media report that China was considering transferring drones to Russia.


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