Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Bitcoin rises to $40,000

For the First Time in Two Weeks, Bitcoin Exceeds $40,000.

On Friday, Bitcoin (BTC) hit a two-week high as crypto traders felt more optimistic that the market had steadied following a recent collapse, while some
Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Saudi Arabia announces over $6.4 billion investment in technology

Saudi Arabia has pledged a $6.4 billion investment in future technology and entrepreneurship. The announcements were made on the first day...

Are We Prepared To Embrace Telepathic Technology?

When we speak of telepathy, consider a future where you don't have to type, touch, or swipe on your smartphone screen; instead, your gadget responds to your...
Tesla smartphone

Tesla To Launch a Smartphone That Will Be Solar Charged

Soon, you will be able to see a Tesla smartphone on the market. Tesla is simply following others in a very dynamic and high-profile area.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Topnotch Design of The Samsung Galaxy Flip3 5G

A full-sized smartphone that folds to fit small-sized pockets. This visually awesome and 4.2'' folded compact design delivers the ultimate portability
USB versions and speed

Know your USB type and speed for a better user experience

Knowing your USB type and speed will go a long way to help you choose or buy the right USB accessories for your work.
Technological Advancement

Technological Advancements In Today’s World

The introduction of new technologies and the creation of new items have altered people's interactions with the rest of the world.

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