Thursday, September 28, 2023

US Still Has Choices With Regard To Russia Sanctions: CNBC

A comprehensive trade embargo and barring Russia's access to international waterways are two options the US might pursue in response to Moscow's invasion
Brent Renaud

US journalist killed in Russia-Ukraine War: Witnesses, Medic

According to doctors and witnesses, a US journalist was killed and another one was injured in Irpin, a frontline northwest suburb of Kyiv, on Sunday.
Vladimir Putin

Russia-Ukraine Talks: Putin Sees Some “Positive Shifts”

Two weeks into Moscow's military operation in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Friday that there had been some "positive shifts" in talks
Lavrov (left) & Sergei Kuleba (right)

Russia-Ukraine Ministers Talk In Turkey Had No Progress

Russia-Ukraine Foreign Ministers met in Turkey on Thursday for face-to-face discussions, the first high-level interaction between the two countries since Moscow
Turkish President, Erdogan

Turkey Hosts Top Russia, Ukraine Diplomats To Broker Truce

On Thursday, 10th march, the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers will meet in southern Turkey for a face-to-face discussions.
Alexander Valentinovich Novak

Moscow Warns Of Price Spike If West Bans Russian Oil Imports

"It would be $300 per barrel, if not more," says Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. According to him, a Western ban on Russian oil imports
Russian Army parade

Russia-Ukraine WAR: NATO OR RUSSIA Who is At Fault? [VIDEO]

Did NATO simply force Ukraine into a war? Is it only Russia's fault that this war has erupted? Learn a little history and decide for yourself if this is a...
Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Indian Nationals In Kyiv Are Advised To Leave ‘Immediately’ Today

In light of the growing security situation, the Indian embassy in Ukraine has urged its citizens to leave Kyiv 'immediately today.' 
EU To allow Ukrainians to reside for 3 years

EU To Allow Ukrainians The Right To Stay For Up To 3 Years

At least 300,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered the EU so far, and the bloc needs to prepare for millions more, they said. EU members Poland, Romania,...
Russia-Ukraine war

Ghana expresses its desire for peace in Ukraine.

Ghana is appealing for peace in Ukraine, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Shirley Ayorkor Botchway.

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