Capt. John Kwame Jabari: Galamsey has “swallowed” this govt

Captain John Kwame Jabari

Capt. John Kwame Jabari Rtd, a former commander of the Anti-galamsey Task Force during the Mahama administration, has said that the government’s ongoing campaign against illegal small-scale mining (galamsey) lacked political will.

He believes that the government’s efforts have not been sufficient.

Captain Jabari Rtd remarked on Akoma midday news in response to a viral video depicting massive Offin River contamination brought on by illegal mining, “the current government has been swallowed by galamsey.”

According to him, the nation will continue to engage in a losing battle until a concerted effort is made to combat the threat.

“The president said he has put his presidency on the line in the fight against galamsey, the state has spent almost 1.5bn in fighting galamsey; what have we achieved?” He said.

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