Bonaa: Ghana’s parliament has degraded 

Adam Bonaa
Adam Bonaa

Dr. Adam Bonaa, a security specialist, claims that Ghana’s parliament has become lawless due to the executive’s implicit support.

He urged members to remember that they are in parliament to represent the decent people of this country and that they should lead at all times.

Last year, there were brawls in Parliament over the E-levy idea in the Finance Minister’s 2022 budget statement, which he presented to Parliament.

“Ghana’s parliament has become lawless with the tacit assistance of the executive,” Dr Bonaa stated in a statement. Our elected representatives must understand that they are in parliament to represent the decent people of our country and should demonstrate leadership at all times.

“Are our MP’s aware that any demonstration of their failure to communicate on simple issues, instead resorting to the use of savage brute force to resolve their disagreements, is an open invitation for others to illegally invade our democratic space, throwing this country back 100 years?” Security experts, such as myself, are concerned about the country’s security and the safety of our MP’s.”

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The House is scheduled to reconvene on January 25.