Biden Pushes for a $37 bln Crime Prevention Programmes

president Joe Biden

On Thursday, President Joe Biden will lay out plans to ask Congress for $37 bln for crime prevention programmes, addressing one of the top concerns among Americans ahead of congressional elections in November.

In a visit to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Biden will provide details of his Safer America Plan. He will include the $37 billion in his budget proposal to Congress for the fiscal 2023 period, which starts on October 1.

A White House fact sheet stated that as part of his plans, $13 billion will be allocated over the following five years to recruit and train 100,000 more police officers.

Progressive Democrats’ push to “defund the police” is something that Biden has long opposed.

Polls show that Americans rank crime as one of the top issues confronting the country, and Biden is attempting to rally Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections, which will determine whether Democrats retain control of Congress.

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To help communities clear court backlogs and establish task forces to share intelligence, Biden would spend $3 billion, all with the goal of lowering gun violence. Additionally, in light of the epidemic of drug overdoses, his plan would impose harsher penalties for fentanyl trafficking.

In order to combat organized retail theft, the plan urges Congress to enact legislation requiring online marketplaces like Amazon (AMZN.O) to verify the information of third-party sellers and holding them legally responsible for the sale of stolen goods on their platforms.

According to the White House, Biden’s plan calls for a $15 billion grant program called Accelerating Justice System Reform, which cities and states could use over the next ten years to pursue strategies to prevent violent crime and ease the burden on police by identifying nonviolent situations that may merit a public-health response.