Belarus Intercepted Ukraine’s Missile Attacks — Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko said ukraine attacked Belarus Military Facility

According to the state-run Belta news agency, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Saturday that Ukraine had attempted to attack military facilities on Belarusian soil three days prior, but all of its missiles had been intercepted.

Lukashenko said Belarus did not seek conflict with Ukraine but would fight if its own land was assaulted, but he offered no proof for the assertion.

The military of Ukraine did not respond right away.

“They are provoking us. I have to tell you, three days ago, maybe a bit more, an attempt to strike military facilities on Belarusian territory was made from the territory of Ukraine,” Lukashenko said.

“But, thank God, the Pantsir anti-aircraft systems managed to intercept all the missiles launched by Ukrainian armed forces,” he added.

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According to Lukashenko, there are no Belarusian soldiers participating in what Moscow refers to as its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

In order to send troops into Ukraine on February 24, Belarus, a strong ally of Russia, gave Moscow permission to do so through Belarusian territory.