Bawku: Police Apprehends 18 People After Fatal Shooting

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After intermittent gunfire in Bawku in the Upper East Region on Monday, one person is believed to be dead and four others have been detained.

According to witnesses, the deceased was riding a horse in town when he was approached by unknown individuals who reportedly killed him.

It’s unknown what prompted the men’s actions. According to reports, gunshots were heard all across town following the attack on the individual [who has yet to be recognized], forcing many inhabitants to stop their pursuits and flee for safety.

Police and military security forces on patrol raced to the site to intervene and calm things down.

On Monday, March 14, Supt. Akabati stated that the arrested will be arraigned in court for prosecution on Tuesday, March 15.

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Despite reports of relative peace in the area, residents remain fearful and have remained home.