Awesome Face Recognition Smart Door Lock: Philips

Philips Smart Door Lock

Philips DDL702-8HWS Smart Door Lock

Besides utilizing the precise and efficient 3D face recognition technology, Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock provides a novel and simple door opening experience.

The Smoothest Method Of Unlocking

The Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock has a dual camera that replicates human eye vision to gather dynamic three-dimensional data of objects and makes three-dimensional photographs of the user’s face.

The Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock can detect not just persons in photos or videos, but even people wearing makeup, providing you with a zero-operation unlocking service.

Philips DDL702 smart lock


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Allows For One-handed Unlocking

Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock effectively safeguard the fingerprint sensor from malicious destruction and prolong its lifetime because of the disguised design of the fingerprint sensor on the inside of the handle.

Your fingertip will effortlessly land on the sensor once you grasp the grip.

You can unlock the door by pushing the handle after successful authentication.

Smart Detection That Consume Less Power

Interestingly, when a target nears and stops in front of the lock, the ultrasonic sensor module integrated with the lock calculates the waves reflected from the target quickly.

Thus, facial recognition will begin to work if it detects a human movement.

The power consumption of the ultrasonic sensor module is just 10% of that of the typical infrared sensor module, which is very energy-efficient and ensures the DDL702-8HWS has a long battery life.

Built-in Wi-Fi Module For Easy Connection

The internet is easily accessible thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi module.

The Philips EasyKey App allows you to check the smart lock access records and PIN code data from any location.

Increase The Level Of Security

Amazingly, in dual verification mode, you may use any two verification methods (facial recognition, fingerprint, and PIN code) to unlock the door, providing extra protection for home security.

Resist Technical Lock-picking

The essential component that regulates the opening of the lock is the lock cylinder.

With a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure, the Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock utilizes several anti-theft technologies.


Automatic Locking

Fully automated mortise is used by Philips DDL702-8HWS smart door lock. The deadbolt will automatically pop out once you close the door without any additional effort.

Whenever the door isn’t properly locked, an alarm will sound to remind you of the situation.

Once A Hand Is Identified, The Door Opens

The door could be opened considerably more easily, thanks to the touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the handle.

The lock will open when the hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor senses the obstruction.

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