Air-Ring Wearable Air Purifier: Superb breathing protection

Air-Ring Wearable Air Purifier

By wearing the Air-Ring wearable air purifier outside, you significantly enhance the air you breathe.

The new Air-Ring wearable air purifier provides exceptional breathing protection while remaining comfortable and stylish all day.

Air-Ring Wearable Air Purifier 2

While the elegant design naturally compliments the human body, Air-innovative Ring’s technology creates a private environment of refreshing, filtered air for safe, active breathing.

Air-Ring achieves a remarkable level of power and efficiency thanks to cutting-edge engineering: N95 HEPA filters, UV-C LED with Photo-Catalytic TiO2, and Carbon filtration.

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Air-Ring can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge. An external USB power bank can increase performance indefinitely.

Air-Ring Wearable Air Purifier 3