Arbery’s Killing: Jury Finds 3 Men Guilty Of Hate Crimes

3 convicted in Arbery's killing

The three white males convicted in Arbery’s Killing were found guilty on all charges, including federal hate crimes and lesser offenses, by jurors in their federal hate crimes trial.

The 3 men convicted in Arbery's killing

Having sighting Arbery running through their neighborhood near the Georgia coastal city of Brunswick in February 2020, the McMichaels grabbed pistols and hopped in a pickup vehicle to chase him.

Jurors concluded that Greg and Travis McMichael, as well as their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, violated Arbery’s civil rights and targeted him because he was Black.

Bryan and the McMichaels have pleaded not guilty to the hate crime accusations. The maximum penalty for the offence is life in prison. Kidnapping attempts are punished by up to 20 years behind bars.

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The three did not pursue and kill Arbery because of his race, according to defense attorneys.

Defense attorneys argued that the three did not pursue and kill Arbery because of his ethnicity, but rather because they had a genuine, if incorrect, belief that he had committed crimes in their neighborhood.

Greg McMichael’s attorney claims that his client fired in self-defense when Arbery attempted to grab his shotgun.

Bryan drove over to his neighbors’ house in his own pickup and videotaped Travis McMichael firing at point-blank range.

In the years and months leading up to the shooting, FBI officials discovered about two dozen racist text messages and social media posts from the McMichaels and Bryan.

Jurors began discussions at 9 a.m. (14:30 GMT) on Tuesday. Today marks the two-year anniversary of the assassination.

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